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Recent Work

A New Website!

Underground Media has an extensive portfolio and we’re excited to show it off!

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From websites to photography to automotive decals, we’re about visuals. Our specialty is to create engagingly strong visuals that catch you and your clients’ eye. Composing photographs using a variety of techniques and post-processing enhancements allows us to dial in exactly how we want an image to look.

Our growing equipment roster allows us to capture visuals in more efficient ways. A specialty of ours is architectural photography, which often times means working in tight spaces and photographing big things. This is where we deploy our ultra-wide-rectilinear-wide-angle lens capable of capturing fully detailed images at a viewing angle of 107 degrees.

In addition to photos, we’re experimenting with the video side of things. Using the skills and techniques from photos, we’re transferring these abilities to the world of videography and film. Learning the importance of fluid camera movements and steadiness of each shot, we’re still working our way up to improving with a goal of deploying a gimbal to the fleet. Interest in any production collaborations should be directed towards our contact page. We would love to hear your ideas and possibly work together.

Websites are great. They allow you to have a presence online, give credibility to your establishment and allow you to communicate with new and existing clients. A website should be a reflection of the business, with more people online, this presence is extremely important. It’s a great tool to drive clients to your business, a website can demonstrate what you can offer. We specialize in showcasing your portfolio and abilities. You may know what you can offer a client, but can you display that in an effective way? We create visuals that show what your abilities.

Automotive Graphics! We have a passion for design… and cars. Between our upkeep of existing websites and photography gigs, we produce vinyl decals in-house using a computer-numeric-controlled plotter capable of media up to 52″ wide. This nifty machine allows us to create signs, banners, window graphics, and of course stickers. Custom signs for construction projects or a well rounded window graphic showing your hours of operation, we might be able to help you out. We’ve done things as simple as vision strips for glass (so people are less likely to walk into it) or things as complex as multi-layered, multi-piece fleet branding on the side of truck trailers. Want to personalize your car? Why not give your vehicle some personality with decals. They’re almost like tattoos.

Since our website is under development, consider joining our mailing list and we’ll let you know as soon as the site is up. Thanks!